Android has supported swipe keyboards for over half a decade. Now, at long last, Apple is bringing swipe typing to the iPhone’s keyboard with iOS 13. The feature is enabled by default, so if you don’t like it, here’s how to disable slide to type.

Disable Swipe Typing on iPhone

Begin by opening the “Settings” app. If you can’t find it, use the iPhone’s Spotlight search to locate the app.

Apple iPhone Click Settings

Next, scroll down and select “General.”

Apple iPhone Click General

Tap on “Keyboard.”

Apple iPhone Click Keyboard

Toggle off “Slide to Type” to disable the swipe keyboard. Select the toggle again to turn the feature back on.

Apple iPhone Toggle Off Slide to Type

Disable Slide-To-Type By Word

The one customization feature that Apple offers iPhone users is the ability to turn off the “Delete Slide-to-Type by Word” option. With this on, if you were to hit the back button, the last word that was”swiped,” would be deleted.

You can disable the feature but retain the swipe keyboard by going to Settings > General > Keyboard. From there, toggle off “Delete Slide-to-Type by Word.”

Apple iPhone Toggle Off Delete Slide to Type by Word