You can quickly locate old conversation by searching for keywords on Facebook Messenger. Using Messenger’s search allows users to jump to certain topics in an instant and reread those old conversations. This article will teach you how to search a conversation on Facebook Messenger using your computer or laptop.

Searching for Facebook Messenger conversation is not that straightforward. There are different steps depending on the type of device you are using. Using a computer is the easiest way to search while being on mobile can be a bit tricky. This article will focus on how you can search a conversation on Facebook Messenger.

How to Search a Messenger Conversation Using Facebook on Web Browser

Using a computer or laptop is the easiest way to search a conversation on Facebook Messenger. Follow the steps below to search for old Messenger conversations using the Search feature quickly:

1.Login to your Facebook account using your computer or laptop.Facebook Login
2.From your Facebook account’s Home screen, click on the Messenger icon on the upper-left part of the screen.PC Facebook Messenger icon
3.Your recent Messenger conversation drops down. Click on the Show All in Messenger link. The link is located at the bottom-most part of the conversation list.PC Facebook Messenger See All in Messenger
4.Th list of all of your Messenger conversations is displayed. Click on the conversationwhere you want to search.PC Facebook Messenger Click Conversation
5.Tap on the Search in Conversation option located in the right part of the screen.PC Facebook Messenger Conversation Searcgh in Conversation
6.A search bar appears in the upper part of the conversation. Enter the keyword you want to search. The keyword can be anything that you or your friend typed in your conversation. Remember as many details or critical words from old conversation to search faster.PC Facebook Messenger Search in Conversation Enter Keyword
7.Click on the Search button.PC Facebook Messenger Search Search button
8.Facebook Initiates the search based on the entered keyword. Results are displayed in the upper part of the conversation. Matches based on the results are highlighted in yellow.PC Facebook Messenger Search Results
9.Quickly move from one result to another by using the move up or down buttons. You are done.PC Facebook Messenger Search Results Move Up or Down on Results