When you’re using your iPhone as a camera, it’s easy to hold it in such a way that the resulting image ends up rotated. If you’re dealing with photos, this is easy to fix. Just tap the Edit button, rotate the photo, and you’re done.

This can also happen when you’re shooting video. Now you’re stuck with a tiny window in the middle of your screen instead of viewing the action the way you intended. Fixing this is a little trickier than dealing with a simple photo.

Can You Rotate a Video on Your iPhone with the Photos App?

Since rotating a photo is so easy in the iOS Photos app, your first instinct might be to start there. Unfortunately, if you try this, you’ll probably be out of luck.

Your instinct was correct in going to the Photos app. The easiest way to rotate your iPhone video starts there, but there’s something you need to do first.

Rotate a Video on Your iPhone with iMovie

Before you can rotate a video on your phone, you’ll need to install iMovie. Fortunately, this is free as Apple makes it available to anyone who has bought an iPhone. Just open the App Store, search for iMovie, then tap Get to install the app.

Rotate Video On Iphone Photos App Export

Once you have installed iMovie, open the Photos app and tap on the video you want to rotate, then tap the Edit button. Next, tap the Extensions button, which looks like the inside of a circle, then select iMovie in the pop-up dialog.

Rotate Video On Iphone Imovie

Once iMovie opens, just use two fingers to rotate the video on the screen. Once you’ve done this, tap Done, and the app will export the edited video back to your camera roll. Simply repeat the process for any other videos you need to rotate.

Other Ways to Rotate a Video on Your iPhone

Using iMovie isn’t the only way to rotate videos on an iPhone. This is handy, as there are some situations iMovie doesn’t handle well, such as, when a video is upside down.

If you need to do this, you can use an app like RFV, which is a free download on the App Store. In addition to rotating videos, this app can flip them as well.

Rotate Video On Iphone Rfv

Just open the app, then tap the camera icon to select the video you want to rotate or flip. There are two arrow-style buttons to flip the video either horizontally or vertically. If your video is upside down, tap the vertical flip button, then tap Save and you’re done.