In Windows 10, by default, taskbar icons are aligned to the left. That means, when you launch programs or apps, icons are organized on the taskbar from left to the right.

There are users who prefer to align icons to the center of the taskbar instead of the default aligned to the left. As you likely know by now, there is no setting in Windows 10 to change the icons alignment on the taskbar. You need to use third-party tools to change the default icons alignment on the taskbar.

center taskbar icons in Windows 10 pic1

If you have used Windows 7 for a significant amount of time before upgrading to Windows 10, then you probably know there were third-party utilities present to align taskbar icons to the center. A similar utility has been released for Windows 10 as well.

Falcon10 is a free program designed to align icons to the center of the taskbar. The program, once installed, automatically centers all icons on the taskbar, including pinned icons.

Center icons on the taskbar in Windows 10

When the program is running, it adds its icon to the system tray. Just double-click on its system tray icon to open settings. Check Center taskbar icons option to align taskbar icons to the center.

center taskbar icons in Windows 10 pic2

As you can see in the picture, it also offers options to hide the taskbar and move the Start button to the center of the taskbar (Start menu continues to open from its default location though). On our test machine, when we placed the Start button on the taskbar, the button was placed on top of other icons. Besides that, this program did not work well on Windows 10 Insiders build 17692. The program requires version 1803 of Windows 10.

It seems that the program is currently compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 only. If you are running 32-bit (check if you are running 64-bit or 32-bit), wait for some time to get the 32-bit installer.

Visit the developer’s page to download the latest and greatest version of Falcon10. Not that Windows SmartScreen might warn you against running this program. The program is safe as we scanned it with VirusTotal service which actually scanned the program using sixty-one antivirus scanners and gave clean chit.

All-in-all, a nice program if you love customizing Windows 10 taskbar.

Download Falcon10