There has been a dedicated mouse settings dialog box in Windows operating system for a long time. We can install new mouse cursors, change default mouse cursor, adjust mouse wheel speed, change the click-speed, adjust the mouse pointer and change scrolling settings.

However, for some reason, a dedicated section for keyboard settings was not present in Windows. There is no option to disable a specific key, adjust keyboard backlight brightness, or change the behavior of function keys.

Luckily, starting with Windows 10 Redstone 4 builds, there is a dedicated keyboard settings page where you can change keyboard settings and turn on or off various features related to both touch and hardware keyboard. For instance, you can turn on or off text suggestions to hardware keyboard as well as touch keyboard, and enable or disable auto-correct for hardware keyboard in Windows 10.

We would like to see more settings for hardware keyboard on the keyboard settings page.

Following are some of the options currently found on keyboard settings page:

Hardware keyboard

# Show text suggestions as I type

# Add a space after I choose a text suggestion

# Autocorrect misspelled words as I type

Touch keyboard

# Play key sounds as I type

# Show text suggestions as I type

# Autocorrect misspelled words as I type

# Add a space after I choose a text suggestion

# Add a period after I double-tap the Spacebar

# Use all uppercase letters when I double-tap Shift

# Capitalize the first letter of each sentence

Access keyboard settings in Windows 10

Here is how to access keyboard settings page in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Settings app. Navigate to Time & language > Keyboard.

Step 2: As you can see, there is no keyboard settings or options on this page. To view them, click on your current input language, and then click Options button.

keyboard settings in Windows 10pic01

Step 3: You should now see Touch keyboard and Hardware keyboard sections. Here you can find all settings and options for touch and hardware keyboards.

keyboard settings in Windows 10 pic1

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